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Finnish integration policy is a multiculturalist policy, which means that people moving to Finland should integrate into society and simultaneously maintain their own language and culture. Integration is a two-way process, both immigrants and the host society have to adapt to the changing situation.

Basic Education

General Upper Secondary Education

Vocational Upper Secondary Education
Preparatory Education for Vocational training (Valma) helps the student to find the right vocational field and get the knowledge and skills necessary for vocational studies.The education includes career guidance, special needs support, study guidance, familiarisation with work life by visiting workplaces and carrying out on-the-job-learning (in workplaces).

Integration training for adult immigrants

National core curricula
The Finnish National Agency for Education prepares the national core curricula. There are three national curricula for immigrant education:

New implementation models for the integration training for immigrants
New proposals for developing and integrating education for immigrants