Erasmus+ Migrants’ course

Migrants’ course

Let’s use ICT in teaching & learning of Newly-Arrived Migrants

Next course 1. – 7. October

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Main topics of this course

  1. Comparison of situations in Finland and in the countries of participants on how to
- share knowledge about the situation,
- raise awareness and enable a more informed opinion, tackle with social,
psychological and legal issues,
- promote understanding for diversity and for European values.
  2. Recognition and validation of competences of newly-arrived migrants.
  3. Promoting migrant’s employment and acquisition of jobs; a guidance and training model to be implemented in networking and community-building activities.
  4. Reception and individualisation of learning paths for newly-arrived migrants.
  5. Pedagogical approaches to advance with non-native speakers
- models and practical ways to support teaching
- guiding migrants in studying and learning.
  6. Innovative learning approaches: simulation with work machines, eLearning with mobile devices, Camera-Pen pedagody, virtual glasses supporting learning.
  7. Possibilities for creating and delivering i-material for language learning by using m-devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).
  8. Pedagogical possibilities and models for delivering interactive language exercises; the use of translator apps ( Babylon, Google translate); creating i-materials for language learning including sound and video. (i-flashcards).